Friday, April 30, 2010


Now I remember why I stopped exercising years ago, my WHOLE body aches now. It shouldn't right, just my legs should hurt. But the whole thing is waking up to its use. Yesterday I walked just two miles at 2.5 mph. No incline yet. I still have to just get myself disciplined to finish this short distance. Believe me, I am counting every second. Still distracting myself by watching tv while I walk. But SCORE, when I rotated my treadmill 90 degrees so I could watch Oprah straight on--I found a left over Snickers (snack size) lurking under where the treadmill was sitting. Hey, it wasn't even opened and I figured it was still good since it was probably dropped around Halloween. So, it was like it was a reward for the dreaded walking. BEST piece of choclate I've had in a long while. Some people would have waited to eat it AFTER they finished their walk, but not me. Wolfed that thing right down.
I'm getting quite a bit of instruction on how to lay tile (from Holmes on Homes) and Oprah's guest was Reille Hunter--that interview was unbelievable (really).

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