Friday, April 30, 2010


My friend,neighbor, almost sister, Hollie saw the oncologist after her MRI. The good news is that given the situation, things are "fairly good". There is no cancer in the left breast or lymph nodes. None in the liver, kidneys, spleen or chest wall. However, her right breast has cancer in every quadrant. Three of the right lymph nodes are cancerous and possibly more, but that won't be known until surgery. She has a very good oncologist, who spent a lot of time with her. They are going to treat this very aggressively. Planning a double mastectomy in a couple of weeks. Then chemo from 3-5 months and then radiation and a lifetime of Tamoxifen.
Two things  we should all know:
Washington is now #1 in the nation, followed by Oregon and AK. They have found a direct correlation between our low levels of Vitamin D and cancer. Her oncologist told her that adults should be on at least 2000 units of Vitamin D a day!  IF you have fibrocystic, dense breasts like Hollie does, don't settle for a mamomgram. Demand that you have an MRI if you are over the age of 40. Hollie's cancer was growing in her for a very long time. The mammogram just didin't pick it p. An MRI, on the other hand, can spot tumors that are extremely small.

You also need to know about Hollie. When she told me she had cancer, I knew how she would react to this disease. Her mother passed away 5 years ago almost to the date of Hollie's diagnosis....from breast cancer. Her mom lived 10 years fighting this dragon. Hollie learned a LOT through that experience, and so she has come out fighting. I know that she will partner with her physicians in this battle. I know that she will take her ring binder with ALL her medical records and history with her to EACH hospital and doctor visit. And I know she will also take her mother's ring binder and medical history with her as well.She knows the path that she is on.  I know that she is going into this with both barrels loaded and she is going to win this battle.


  1. Oh Amelia--my sweet, wonderful sister/friend. You go girl! Walk for me and the millions of others out there. My oncologist said that the research that is being done on breast cancer is phenomenal! Cure rates have gone up substantially because of it. Bless you.

  2. I hope your friend is doing well! How lucky she is to have you in her life.

    Silly friend story:

    My best friend of 21 years was just starting chemo and we were talking everyday (I'm in WA..she is in CA. One day she said,"Hey, I usually give you money right about now for a walk you do. What is it for again??"

    I paused because I thought she was kidding.

    "Ya big dork! It is for breast cancer!"

    "Oh, crap! Then I had better donate!"

    She did. She is now doing well and came out to visit last weekend.