Friday, April 30, 2010


My friend,neighbor, almost sister, Hollie saw the oncologist after her MRI. The good news is that given the situation, things are "fairly good". There is no cancer in the left breast or lymph nodes. None in the liver, kidneys, spleen or chest wall. However, her right breast has cancer in every quadrant. Three of the right lymph nodes are cancerous and possibly more, but that won't be known until surgery. She has a very good oncologist, who spent a lot of time with her. They are going to treat this very aggressively. Planning a double mastectomy in a couple of weeks. Then chemo from 3-5 months and then radiation and a lifetime of Tamoxifen.
Two things  we should all know:
Washington is now #1 in the nation, followed by Oregon and AK. They have found a direct correlation between our low levels of Vitamin D and cancer. Her oncologist told her that adults should be on at least 2000 units of Vitamin D a day!  IF you have fibrocystic, dense breasts like Hollie does, don't settle for a mamomgram. Demand that you have an MRI if you are over the age of 40. Hollie's cancer was growing in her for a very long time. The mammogram just didin't pick it p. An MRI, on the other hand, can spot tumors that are extremely small.

You also need to know about Hollie. When she told me she had cancer, I knew how she would react to this disease. Her mother passed away 5 years ago almost to the date of Hollie's diagnosis....from breast cancer. Her mom lived 10 years fighting this dragon. Hollie learned a LOT through that experience, and so she has come out fighting. I know that she will partner with her physicians in this battle. I know that she will take her ring binder with ALL her medical records and history with her to EACH hospital and doctor visit. And I know she will also take her mother's ring binder and medical history with her as well.She knows the path that she is on.  I know that she is going into this with both barrels loaded and she is going to win this battle.


Now I remember why I stopped exercising years ago, my WHOLE body aches now. It shouldn't right, just my legs should hurt. But the whole thing is waking up to its use. Yesterday I walked just two miles at 2.5 mph. No incline yet. I still have to just get myself disciplined to finish this short distance. Believe me, I am counting every second. Still distracting myself by watching tv while I walk. But SCORE, when I rotated my treadmill 90 degrees so I could watch Oprah straight on--I found a left over Snickers (snack size) lurking under where the treadmill was sitting. Hey, it wasn't even opened and I figured it was still good since it was probably dropped around Halloween. So, it was like it was a reward for the dreaded walking. BEST piece of choclate I've had in a long while. Some people would have waited to eat it AFTER they finished their walk, but not me. Wolfed that thing right down.
I'm getting quite a bit of instruction on how to lay tile (from Holmes on Homes) and Oprah's guest was Reille Hunter--that interview was unbelievable (really).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wouldn't You Know

I have already received my first donation. And wouldn't you know, it would be from my friend, Patsy, who is undergoing treatment. Yesterday was her third dose of chemo. When I asked how she was feeling--right after arriving home, she wasn't too bad, but that was because she had taken Lorazepam. I told her thank goodness for "good" drugs. Right now she needs it. Last week when I spoke to her, she was in a "different place" and, frankly, it scared me. I have never known her to be so depressed and scared. She told me that the week she has chemo isn't as bad as the week that follows. That is the week she feels awful, and that is when I was speaking to her. Scared the heck out of me. Yesterday she said her MD was encouraging and so she was in better spirits.
When I asked her if I could share her story, she agreed. And she asked me to ask you all to pray for her. I assured her I would. I assured her there are legions on the other side of the veil to help her through this. So PLEASE remember her and Hollie in your prayers.
Hollie goes to the oncologist today and they will discuss the results of her MRI taken on Monday.
Last night was a short trip on the treadmill. Sid fixed the display so I could read the miles, time, calories, and distance. I only walked two miles. But it seems I can walk a mile in about 15 minutes. By my computation, that would be 20 miles in about 6 hours. I'm still very new to exercising, so I want to ease into this for a little while and build up my ability to go the distance.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Doing the Math

I'm not a mathmetician, but the goal seems reasonable....
23 people could contribute $100
46 people could contribute $50
92 people could contribute $25
230 people could contribute $10
460 people could contriubte $5
You get it, right? Is it possible to give up a movie night ($40 out without babysitter) or a Starbucks ($5) to help me on the path?

And so my journey begins.....

I never thought I would be one to blog. First of all, usually it is TMI, and usually people only want to read about fun, interesting things and people--which I usually am not. But whatever. There comes a time when maybe it is easier/better just to blog. You will probably find I am pretty random. But that's the way I roll.
My most recent motivation is due to two of my dearest friends, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided that I will participate in the Komen 3 Day walk September 24-26th in Seattle this year. This blog will help facilitate my participation as it will provide a way for me to communicate with you, and I have decided to post a link to the fund so if you have a desire to contribute $ you can do it easily via the link. With their permission, I will also use this site to update you on their progress through this challenge in their lives. Since I am NOT accustomed to exercise, this will also chronicle my progress through this period as well. I hope you enjoy our journey.