Tuesday, September 21, 2010

See's Butterscotch Chews

Hollie came down tonight to bring me some See's caramels. She knows I love them--can mostly live without chocolate, but don't tempt me with a vanilla caramel. I don't know why, she just brought them down.

I think she had sort of forgotten about the THREE DAY WALK. My husband and I were just sitting down to dinner and the bell rang, and in she came. She sat down for a few minutes to chat and I started telling her about my experience with Janice and Christopher today and her eyes did exactly what mine did--they started to sweat! Both of us are blown away at the incredible kindness and generosity of people all around us. She reminded me of some of her students from last year who set up a table at the local farmers market to raise money to donate in her behalf. These were 4th graders mind you. And then she told me of how the teachers on her staff have donated their sick leave time to her if needed AND they have kindly "driven" some of the school day schedules around what will help Hollie. Her team, the principal and all the staff have come to her support. One of the mothers from her class last year came to her class today to help her run off copies--a big help because she already knew exactly how to do things. People at every turn are looking for ways to help her. Did I mention that her meal calendar filled up in minutes? Truly, it doesn't have to be something "big", just small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

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