Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Walk in the Park

So today I decided to get outside and walk. The day was only overcast, and a little coolish. PERFECT for walking (I hate to sweat.). My neighbor was outside when I left and she told me she'd be ready for backup in case I got to somewhere and was unable to return....But I made it! Walked 4 miles in an hour and a half--I know because I jumped in the car and traced the route. By the time I got home, it was raining, so I looked horrible, but whatever. The legs feel strong, the heart and lungs seem to be working fine....the ankles are a little inflamed, but that is easy to resolve.

I made what I will call a shower aid for Hollie. It was their great idea--In order to hold the drain tube "bulbs". The lady on UTUBE suggested a string around your neck to hook the bulbs on. Hollie's husband suggested a type of belt with pockets in it instead. We took a bath towel and cut it into three strips lengthwise, folded that in half along the length, sewed the ends together and sewed pockets into it every 5 inches. Then I attached hook and loop tape  to close it up when wrapped around her waist. That way, when she showers, she can pop the bulbs into the pockets and doesn't have to worry about them flapping around. She said it worked great, but ended up using a safety pin to close it instead of using the hook and loop tape. Then she just can hang it to dry.

Her husband is now helping her wash her hair and blow it dry. Is that love and devotion or what? She said the thing she wasn't planning on is how long it takes to get ready and dressed daily. I told her, why bother...but that's just me.

Prelimary pathology reports are back and the GOOD news is that of the 15 nodes removed, only two had cancerous cells. I won't go into all the details, but it sounded very encouraging to me. She has had her moments of "up and down", and seems to me she is overdoing things a bit, but it is difficult to keep a busy woman down.

We have arranged meals to be brought in using the website  If you are not familiar with it, try it....It is WONDERFUL. And what a great idea. The people who started it are angels.

Time for a shower....

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  1. Hi Amelia!

    I'm so thankful that Hollie has you nearby. You are such a good one for doing what needs to be done-like making that shower aid. Love you!